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Official: You Can Now Send and Receive Cryptocurrencies on Whatsapp

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Developers have taken cryptocurrency transaction to a different level as they have made it possible for users to make transactions using Whatsapp Messenger.

According to the announcement released by the Zulu Republic, the new initiative supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Zcash.

How it Works

After clicking on their whatsapp link either from their website or using any relevant shared link, enter HODL to activate the account. Once the account is activated, you will see features like Send, Receive, Settings, Transaction, Claim reward and co. With this bot, you can send bitcoin to any supported address or receive Bitcoin into a wallet address generated by the bot.

Each option has a number assigned to it from 0 to 7. To execute a particular option, send the number assigned to it and the response will appear right after.

There is a way to earn BTC using the bot. Just enter number “7” which is “claim reward” and a referral link will appear. Send this link to anyone and you will earn about $0.1 from each referral. To withdraw your earnings, just use the “send option”.
Bitcoin is set to reach an all time high as the adoption rate continues to spread through a more interesting way.

Click here to add the WhatsApp bot or you can use the Official Website, enter your phone number and proceed.


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