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First Ever cryptocurrency Café Opened in the US

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The first ever cryptocurrency café has been opened in the United States where clients can have a taste of their favorite morning beverage using cryptocurrencies.

The café located in Clematis Street, West Palm Beach is looking to draw all types of customers. According to its co-owner, Nelson Winter, cryptocurrencies seems to be the way to go. Mr. Winter also added that, the decision was more than just racking in some bucks but also focuses on cryptocurrency education.

“We are helping move towards adoption of cryptocurrency as a more mainstream concept for people in their day to day interaction,” he stated.

The café, however, does take regular cash and cards and according to Mr. Winter, they aim to bring the old and the millennial together under one roof.

Cryptocurrency Breaking Grounds

Since the inception of cryptocurrency in the world of finance, its journey has been nothing but an interesting one. Cryptocurrencies have proven to be a massive force in the world of finance, recording an unimaginable adoption rate. 

Cryptocurrencies have spread their wings to many aspects of our day to day lives and does not show any signs of slowing down. Now digital coins looks set to break into the global economy with its unexpected functions announced daily.

There have been many cases where cryptocurrency experts explained the many positive use we can put this digital asset instead of focusing more on its negative side.

Cryptocurrencies are here to ease and better our lives and looking at the direction they are heading to, they sure would make our lives better regardless of its ups and downs.

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