Top Three Reliable Cryptocurrencies to Invest and Three Trading Platforms

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Irrespective of where or in which tokens you’ve invested so far, I am going to tell you about the three proved cryptocurrencies you should invest right away to secure your future in the midst of the many dangerous cryptocurrency ventures. I will also introduce you to three cryptocurrency trading platforms.

As a crypto-entrepreneur, you must be looking to give a kick-start to your investment career by investing in bitcoin or any other similar coin. But what if I tell you that there are better options where you can invest to earn more profits? No, it’s not ICO. I am talking about new, high-potential cryptocurrencies which can give you good profits in the long term, but not as long as bitcoin takes. With these tokens, you will start making significant profits in as early as a year.

Here’s a meticulously curated list of the best and most potential cryptocurrencies you can invest in right now.

Pieta Ecosystem

Pieta is a high-potential token which is presently being sold via the official website and a number of exchanges. The Pieta team is raising funds for developing a one-of-its-kind crypto mining platform which will run with solar energy. Yes, you heard it right.

Pieta’s solar-powered crypto mining system will reduce energy consumption in the mining process, making it easier and affordable for people to mine top cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH with more profits. Our suggestion of cryptocurrencies you should invest was partly influenced by the technical abilities of Pieta which can take it to the moon.

Cryptocurrencies You Should Invest – Ethereum

Cryptocurrencies you should invest

Ethereum is the only cryptocurrency in this list which is more than 5 years old. I have been investing in Ethereum ever since it was launched, simply because I liked the concept very much. The idea to use cryptocurrencies for other than payments really fascinates me. ETH is continuously growing ever since it became popular during the Bitcoin boost in 2013, and even the strong competition has not affected its popularity.

Make sure to invest a part of your crypto funds to this coin for long term gains. Any list of cryptocurrencies you should invest must include Ethereum, as it stands ad one of the few credible digital assets.

Cryptocurrencies You Should Invest – Dash

Dash has been making waves over the years especially in Latin America. Dash is one of the few cryptocurrencies that traded above $1000 in the previous bull run.

Currently, it is largely undervalued and still increasing the number of recognized merchants across the world, and also engaging in a number of partnership deals. Dash has a lot of potential to trade above its all time high in any good day.

Three Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms

After listing the cryptocurrencies you should invest, I will also introduce you to is a smart crypto trading platform that lets you buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in an easy and secure manner.

The best thing I liked about the platform is the Liquidity Pool, where you can participate to earn a regular income, in interest, by vesting 2,500 TEDx. The interest is deposited directly into the wallet of the respective user. Also, you can use fiat currencies such as EUR or GBP for buying cryptocurrencies via the platform.


FinanceX is another of the popular crypto trading platforms, and one of the best places to trade new cryptocurrencies (alt) for Bitcoin and other top coins. And the best part is that you can trade all these digital assets using a number of fiat currencies such as USDT.


Xinfin is an enterprise blockchain which allows organizations around the world to participate in secure trading of cryptocurrencies and other financial assets. It is one of the first hybrid blockchain systems which combines the best of both private & public blockchains.

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