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BTC Accelerators| Ever since Bitcoin debuted on the crypto scenes, it has been nothing but marvelous. The relatively unknown digital currency has worked its way up to the top with a number of innovations including BTC accelerators, transforming the financial world in the process, and now the most popular and reliable asset among investors. Bitcoin has proved to be equipped with infinite opportunities and looks set to get even better with its adoption rate off the charts now.

However, just like a million other things, Bitcoin, regardless of how wonderful it is, has its flaws, which is very minimal by the way, including the market volatility, which stretches out its arm to all digital coins on the market, regardless of their size.

A Brief Introduction to Bitcoin in the Phase of Crime

Bitcoin has, for some time now, being tagged as a thing associated with crime. I mean the digital coin makes everything so easy, it’s not the fault of the inventor, neither the fault of the asset. Cybercriminals have opted to use it over the numerous other digital currencies on the market. A recent report revealed that Bitcoin is still the favorite cryptocurrency among cybercriminals on the dark web.

If the Bitcoin community had the power to decide who and who uses the digital coin, I’m sure cybercriminals wouldn’t make the list even if it had over a million entries on it, and that’s how things are. Bitcoin cannot control who uses it, and being tagged as something only associated with crime, is very unfair to the coin, regarding what it has achieved and the number of altcoins it has helped along the way.

BTC Accelerators and Bitcoin Congestion

BTC accelerators

One aspect of Bitcoin, which has proven over the years to require an upgrade is its transactions. A Bitcoin transaction involves the transfer of value between Bitcoin wallets that gets included in the blockchain. As Bitcoin continues to evolve, so does the number of its users. As the number of bitcoin transactions keeps on increasing, the block size reaches its maximum limit, thereby creating congestion in the network.

The aggregated amount of bitcoin transactions a day is in the region of 345,719 times. This causes some transactions to get stuck in the Bitcoin mempool, the somewhat waiting line, where miners pick them up and confirm them, per the rate of transaction fees attached.

A bitcoin transaction, getting stuck in the mempool, can happen to any one of the million bitcoin users out there, and when that happens, a Bitcoin transaction accelerator popurlary known as BTC accelerators is needed. A bitcoin transaction accelerator is an off-chain service enhancer, which picks up a transaction and adds into the next Bitcoin block to get it the required number of confirmations.

Some BTC accelerators require an extra fee to push your transaction through while others are just free to the bitcoin community. This piece will show you three free BTC transaction accelerators, which might come in handy whenever your bitcoin transaction gets stuck.

  1. ViaBTC

ViaBTC came about in 2017, as a protest against the 1MB blocks, which had many bitcoin investors worried. The accelerator has since provided excellent services to the bitcoin community. ViaBTC works by submitting your transaction ID. The accelerator, however, it also has a paid option in cases such as extremely low transaction fees and urgency, where an additional fee of 0.0001BTC will be paid in addition to the transaction ID.

  1. BitAccelerate

BitAccelerate is also another free accelerator which will come in handy should your transactions get stuck. The bitcoin transaction accelerator, just like ViaBTC, requires your transaction ID, and then you click on an “accelerate button” provided near the transaction space. BitAccelerate will then repeat the standard transaction processing process, this time through 10 Bitcoin nodes. This helps to get the required confirmation on your transaction.

BitAccelerate also gives you the option of reentering your delayed transaction every 6 hours until miners pick it.

  1. 360 BTC Accelerator

 This bitcoin transaction accelerator is also free just that; their service does not connect your transactions to other miners. The service of 360 BTC accelerator rather rebroadcast the stuck transactions to the Bitcoin network to confirm them faster. Other bitcoin transaction accelerators are likely to pick in up in the rebroadcasting process. 360 BTC Accelerator doesn’t require a log in option before use. All you need is your bitcoin transaction ID.

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