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Does XRP has Enough Potential to Reach $10 Anytime Soon?

XRP has been tipped for greatness by many cryptocurrency experts. Despite the uniqueness of this digital currency, critics believe XRP was not designed for investment, and the team have no intention of seeing the price skyrocket like Bitcoin considering the fact that it was primarily designed for the banks. The possibility of XRP to reach […]

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Buy Cryptocurrency With Credit Card – Coinmama Review

Coinmama Review – Since the inception of Bitcoin in 2009, cryptocurrency exchanges have played a vital role in getting digital currencies across to consumers. Cryptocurrency exchanges became popular starting from 2011 and has, as a result, attracted a number of fraudulent ventures into the industry stealing the hard-earned money from investors through exit scams in […]


Three Safest Multi Cryptocurrency wallets on the internet

Finding the safest multi-cryptocurrency wallets for investment is a very important process in starting to build a good investment portfolio. After spending three years in studying different cryptocurrency investment and trading strategies, and engaging in a number of transactions with good lessons in making profits and losing funds, one thing has always stayed with me. […]

Bitcoin halving
Crypto Analysis

Simple Method on How to Choose a Cryptocurrency to Invest

Selecting a cryptocurrency with the potential to rise to the moon has been a constant headache to investors especially the newbies. In recent times, most people ask 101 questions about Cryptocurrency trading mostly ” how to choose a cryptocurrency to invest. This article will walk you through one of the most important things to not […]


Top Three Reliable Cryptocurrencies to Invest and Three Trading Platforms

Irrespective of where or in which tokens you’ve invested so far, I am going to tell you about the three proved cryptocurrencies you should invest right away to secure your future in the midst of the many dangerous cryptocurrency ventures. I will also introduce you to three cryptocurrency trading platforms. As a crypto-entrepreneur, you must […]


Meet the Most Dangerous Cryptocurrency Investment Scheme– High Yield Investment Programme (HYIP)

High Yield Investment Programme, HYIP, is very popular among cryptocurrency investors, especially, those who want to get rich overnight, but the most dangerous investment scheme on the internet. You can replace “dangerous” with risky, but that does not change anything. The power of these schemes lies in their mouth-watery returns. HYIPs existed as early as […]

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Komodo Hacks its Users of Agama Wallet for Safety

Komodo, a fast-rising cryptocurrency and project hacked its users of the Agama wallet to protect funds from a potential loss. According to the announcement, the technical team sensed a vulnerability in its Agama wallet, and without much time to inform users, they transferred BTCs and KMDs to a safer wallet. The Inside Story As reported […]