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Does XRP has Enough Potential to Reach $10 Anytime Soon?

XRP has been tipped for greatness by many cryptocurrency experts. Despite the uniqueness of this digital currency, critics believe XRP was not designed for investment, and the team have no intention of seeing the price skyrocket like Bitcoin considering the fact that it was primarily designed for the banks. The possibility of XRP to reach […]

Bitcoin halving
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Simple Method on How to Choose a Cryptocurrency to Invest

Selecting a cryptocurrency with the potential to rise to the moon has been a constant headache to investors especially the newbies. In recent times, most people ask 101 questions about Cryptocurrency trading mostly ” how to choose a cryptocurrency to invest. This article will walk you through one of the most important things to not […]

Tips to know cryptocurrency with potential
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How to know Whether a Cryptocurrency has Potential to Rise Faster to the Moon.

Cryptocurrency with the potential to rise faster to the moon is all investors are looking for. Selecting such coins has been a constant headache to investors, especially the newbies, and this article will walk you through a few basic things to not overlook. Following the recent bull run of Bitcoin and some selected altcoins, the […]

Crypto Analysis

Get Ready for Another Insane Market Bull-Run in the Post Bitcoin Halving Era

Bitcoin halving recently took place in 2020 and from the previous effects, investors should get ready for another insane bull run. In economics, the direction of the price of an asset is largely dependent on the action of its price determinants. In other words, the price of an assets in the world of investment is […]