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Komodo Hacks its Users of Agama Wallet for Safety

Komodo, a fast-rising cryptocurrency and project hacked its users of the Agama wallet to protect funds from a potential loss. According to the announcement, the technical team sensed a vulnerability in its Agama wallet, and without much time to inform users, they transferred BTCs and KMDs to a safer wallet. The Inside Story As reported […]

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First Ever cryptocurrency Café Opened in the US

The first ever cryptocurrency café has been opened in the United States where clients can have a taste of their favorite morning beverage using cryptocurrencies. The café located in Clematis Street, West Palm Beach is looking to draw all types of customers. According to its co-owner, Nelson Winter, cryptocurrencies seems to be the way to […]

Cryptocurrency news News

Official: You Can Now Send and Receive Cryptocurrencies on Whatsapp

Developers have taken cryptocurrency transaction to a different level as they have made it possible for users to make transactions using Whatsapp Messenger. According to the announcement released by the Zulu Republic, the new initiative supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Zcash. How it Works After clicking on their whatsapp link either from their website or using any […]