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We need writers to write for us. Stock-Crypto is a new but very ambitious news outlet set up to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency enthusiasts and market information. The website equally prioritizes the publication of informative articles about the stock market. 

Looking at the many things we want to achieve as a group, we may need the services of passionate cryptocurrency and stock news and opinion writers to help us set the industry ablaze. 

We humbly ask writers who may charge higher rates to stay back as the website has not generated enough resources for huge payments considering the fact that its new.

Any writer who is ready to work with us within our budget is welcome.

Rules for Guest Posts

Any writer who is willing to contribute or write for us as a guest or to build his/ her portfolio is warmly welcome. For the sake of our ranking, we humbly ask all guest posts to be within these requirements.

1. Guest Posts must be cryptocurrency-related.

2. Guest Posts must be Plagiarism free.

3. Guest Posts must be free from grammatical errors.

4. Guest posts that link the article to any spammy website will be rejected.

5. We reserve the right to add or remove any portion of the submitted articles. We also reserve the right to edit the article.

6. Kindly submit guest posts that have not been submitted anywhere else.

7. Kindly note that we will publish any guest post under our author’s name. (You can let us know if you want it under your name.)

8. Guest Posts must be at least 1000 words.

9. Guest posts must have just one backlink, and we will provide a Dofollow.

Sponsored Posts

We charge $50 for sponsored posts. Any guest post that contains more than one backlink will be treated as a sponsored post.

Kindly submit your proposal and Guest Posts to: